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Governance:  Our Values

Our Values
Managing with Respect

"Managing with Respect" is critical to Colgate's continued success and to our goal of Becoming the Best Place to Work.

This training program, mandatory for all Colgate managers, explains our Managing with Respect principles and encourages their daily practice.

Managing with Respect training improves the abilities of Colgate People to:

  • Become more effective managers
  • Lead others to value individual differences and use those differences to achieve positive business results
  • Communicate effectively
  • Promote teamwork
  • Set the example
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Annual Report

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Code of Conduct

Review the code that all of our company’s dealings must adhere to.


Прослідкуйте за нашим зростанням, починаючи з 1806 року, від виробництва мила в місті Нью-Йорк та до визнаного лідера споживчих товарів у всьому світі.

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