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Governance:  Global Ethics and Compliance

Global Ethics and Compliance
Global Ethics and Compliance Committee

Colgate’s senior management actively supports the work of our Global Ethics and Compliance function, which oversees compliance with Colgate’s Code of Conduct and Business Practices Guidelines. To this end the Ethics and Compliance Committee, comprised of senior Colgate executives, has been established.

The purpose of Senior Management’s Global Ethics & Compliance Committee is as follows:

  • To assist the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors in overseeing the Global Ethics & Compliance Organization and its activities by providing senior management oversight.
  • To assist the Global Ethics & Compliance Organization in accomplishing its mission by providing cross-functional resources to the Organization where appropriate.
  • To provide feedback to and consult with the Global Ethics & Compliance Organization, thereby providing that Organization with clear cross-functional input as to the appropriateness and effectiveness of the Organization’s initiatives.
  • To provide to the Global Ethics & Compliance Organization such other assistance and support as may from time to time be considered appropriate by the Committee.

Committee Membership

The membership of the Global Ethics & Compliance Committee shall be selected from the senior management of the Company in a way to provide the Global Ethics & Compliance Organization with a broad connection across the functions and organizations of the Company. The Committee shall be co-chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and the General Counsel. At the current time, the Committee consists of:

The Chief Executive Officer (co-chairman of the Committee)

The General Counsel (co-chairman of the Committee)

The Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Financial Officer

The Vice President and Corporate Controller

The Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

The Vice President – Global Human Resources

The Vice President – Office of the Chairman

The Vice President – Internal Audit

The Division President

Committee Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Committee include the following:

  • Oversee Global Ethics and Compliance’s efforts to ensure that the Company has established written compliance-related policies, guidelines and standards that are subject to periodic review and update;
  • Advise and assist Global Ethics and Compliance so that such policies, guidelines and standards are effectively communicated to appropriate employee groups through effective training programs and other communication initiatives;
  • Review Global Ethics and Compliance’s quarterly complaint reports and other reports to assess its monitoring and implementation of the Compliance Program and compliance-related procedures and policies;
  • Review and approve new programs as necessary to enhance the effectiveness of the Compliance Program;
  • Support adequate resources and systems for audit and investigation of potential Compliance Program violations reported to Global Ethics and Compliance;
  • Review Compliance Risk Assessments led by Global Ethics and Compliance;
  • Act on recommendations from the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer such as adopting policies, identifying and prioritizing compliance risks, and implementing strategies for mitigating them; and
  • Otherwise provide oversight and assistance to enhance the ongoing performance and effectiveness of the Compliance Program.

Updated March 2009

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