Our Company:  Executive Management Team

Executive Management Team
Ian M. Cook*
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Cook joined Colgate in the United Kingdom in 1976 and progressed through a series of senior marketing and management roles around the world. He became Chief Operating Officer in 2004, with responsibility for operations in North America, Europe, Central Europe, Asia and Africa. In 2005, Mr. Cook was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer, responsible for all Colgate operations worldwide and was elected President and Chief Executive Officer in 2007. He was elected director in 2007 and Chairman, effective January 1, 2009.      
Fabian Garcia*
Chief Operating Officer, Global Innovation and Growth, & Europe
Mr. Garcia joined Colgate in 2003 as President, Colgate-Asia Pacific. He was appointed to his current position in 2010, having most recently been EVP, President, Colgate-Latin America & Global Sustainability. Prior to joining Colgate, Mr. Garcia was Senior Vice President of International Operations at the Timberland Company.      
Franck J. Moison*
Chief Operating Officer, Emerging Markets
After joining Colgate in France in 1978, Mr. Moison advanced through marketing and management positions in Europe and at the corporate level. He was appointed to his current position in 2010, having most recently been President, Global Marketing, Supply Chain & Technology.      
Dennis Hickey*
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Hickey was appointed CFO in January 2011, having most recently been Colgate’s Vice President and Corporate Controller since 1998. Since joining Colgate in 1977, Mr. Hickey has held key financial positions for the Company’s European and North American business units, the Corporate Audit unit and a variety of business strategy leadership assignments.      
Andrew D. Hendry*
Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
Mr. Hendry joined Colgate in 1991 from Unisys, where he was Vice President and General Counsel. A graduate of Georgetown University and NYU Law School, Mr. Hendry has also been a corporate attorney at a New York law firm and at Reynolds Metals Company (now part of Alcoa, Inc.).      
Manuel  Arrese
VP, Global Supply Chain
Issam  Bachaalani
VP & GM, Global Toothbrush Division
Daniel  Bagley
VP, Global R&D
Andrea  Bernard
VP, Global Legal
Joseph M. Bertolini
VP, Global Finance
Steve  Bezer
VP, Colgate-U.S.
Mauricio  Boscan
VP, Division General Counsel, Colgate-Latin America
Peter  Brons-Poulsen
VP & GM, GABA International
Don  Buchner
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Stuart D. Burkhead
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Nigel B. Burton
Chief Marketing Officer
Marsha  Butler
VP, Global Oral Care
Scott  Cain
VP, International Tax
Burc  Cankat
VP & GM, Colgate-Russia
James  Capraro
VP, Global Information Technology
Antonio  Caro
President, Colgate-Iberia
Wayne  Carter
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Constantina  Christopoulou
VP, Global R&D
Martin J. Collins
VP, Global Human Resources
Stephen J. Conboy
VP, Colgate-U.S.
Mike  Corbo
VP, Global Supply Chain
Mike  Crowe
VP, Global Information Technology
Ryszard  Cuprys
VP, Global R&D
Alec  de Guillenchmidt*
President, Colgate-Europe
Marianne  DeLorenzo
VP, Global Information Technology
Mukul  Deoras
President, Colgate-Asia
Bill  DeVizio
VP, Global R&D
Bob  Dietz
VP, Global Design & Packaging
Catherine  Dillane
VP, Colgate-North America
Jim  Dodge
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Victoria  Dolan*
VP & Corporate Controller
Philip  Durocher
VP & GM, Colgate-U.S.
Hector I. Erezuma*
VP, Taxation
Bradley  Farr
VP & GM, Colgate-South Africa
Jean-Luc  Fischer
VP & GM, Colgate-Southern Cone/Latin America
Laura  Flavin
VP, Global Human Resources
Nadine  Flynn
VP, Global Legal
Stephen J. Fogarty
VP, Global Shopper Marketing
Diana  Geofroy
VP, Colgate-Latin America
Peggy  Gerichter
VP & GM, Colgate-Central American Region
Peter  Graylin
VP, Division General Counsel, Colgate-Europe
Tom  Greene*
Chief Information Officer
Jan  Guifarro
VP, Corporate Communications
John  Guiney
VP, Colgate-Greater Asia
Julian  Gutierrez
VP, Colgate-Europe
Luis  Gutierrez
VP & GM, Colgate-West Andean Region/Latin America
Jack J. Haber
VP, Global Advertising & Digital
Suzan F. Harrison
President, Global Oral Care
Roland  Heincke
VP, Colgate-Europe
Raymond  Ho
VP, Colgate-Greater Asia
Bob  Holland
VP, Ethics & Compliance
Al  Horning
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Nina  Huffman
VP, Global Legal
Traci  Hughes-Velez
VP, Colgate-Africa/Middle East
Jack  Huston*
SVP, Office of The Chairman
Henning  Jakobsen
VP, Colgate-Europe
N. Jay Jayaraman
VP, Global Oral Care
Scott W. Jeffery, Jr.
President, Colgate-Canada
Malcolm  Jones
VP, Global Finance
Joy D. Klemencic
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Raj  Kohli
VP, Global R&D
Kostas  Kontopanos
President, Hill's Pet Nutrition, U.S.
John  Kooyman
VP, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia
Wojciech  Krol
VP & GM, Central European Region
Andrea  Lagioia
VP & GM, Colgate-France
Leo  Laitem
VP, Global R&D
Kim Seng  Lim
VP, Colgate-Greater Asia
Diane  Loiselle
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Moira  Loten
VP, Professional Marketing
Bill  Lunderman
VP, Global Design & Packaging
Louis  Mancinelli
VP, Colgate-Europe
Daniel  Marsili*
SVP, Global Human Resources
Ronald T. Martin*
VP, Global Sustainability & Social Responsibility
Pablo  Mascolo
VP, Colgate-Latin America
Paul  McGarry
VP, Global Information Technology
Nadine Karp McHugh
VP, Global Media
Beth  McQuillan
VP, Global Legal
Cesar  Melo
VP, Colgate-Europe
Richard  Mener
VP & Senior Strategic Advisor, Colgate-Europe
Tom  Mintel
VP, Global Toothbrush Division
Pascal  Montilus
VP, Global Supply Chain
Andrea  Motyka
VP, Global R&D
Josue  Munoz
VP, Global Supply Chain
Vinod  Nambiar
VP & GM, Global Personal Care
James A. Napolitano
VP, Colgate-U.S.
Jean-Marc  Navez
VP, Colgate-France
Rosemary  Nelson*
VP, Deputy General Counsel, Operations
Debra  Nichols
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Tom  O'Brien
Chief Executive Officer, Tom's of Maine
Ed  Oblon
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Elaine  Paik*
VP & Corporate Treasurer
Ellen  Park
VP, Global Legal
Terrell  Partee
VP, Global R&D
Chris E. Pedersen
VP & GM, Colgate-South Pacific
Brent  Peterson
VP, Global R&D, Supply Chain
Joan  Pierce
VP, Global Design & Packaging
Robert C. Pierce
VP, Global R&D
Spencer  Pingel
VP, Global Marketing
Hans L. Pohlschroeder
VP, Treasury
Massimo  Poli
VP & GM, Sanex
Francisco Munoz Ramirez
VP & GM, Hill's Pet Nutrition-Europe
Ricardo  Ramos
VP & GM, Colgate-Brazil
Katherine Hargrove  Ramundo*
VP, Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary
Mary Beth  Robles
VP, Global R&D
Louis  Ruggiere
VP & GM, Hawley & Hazel, Taiwan
Bob  Russo
VP, Global Finance
Bernal  Saborio
VP & GM, Colgate-Caribbean Region
Jeff  Salguero
VP, Global Advertising
David  Scharf
VP, Colgate-Latin America
Alain  Semeneri
VP, Colgate-Europe
Drew  Shepard
VP & GM, Colgate-Thailand
Scott  Sherwood
VP & GM, Colgate-UK & Ireland
Phil  Shotts
VP, Global Finance
James C. Shoultz
VP & GM, Colgate-Mexico
Justin  Skala*
President, Colgate-Latin America
Michael  Sload
VP, Colgate-U.S.
Scott  Smith
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Andreas  Somers
VP, Global R&D
Rick  Spann
VP, Global Supply Chain
Neil  Stout
VP, Global Toothbrush Division
Robert  Tatera
VP, Colgate-Africa/Middle East
Bina H. Thompson*
SVP, Investor Relations
Neil  Thompson*
President & CEO, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Richard  Thorogood
VP, Global Marketing
Linda  Topping
VP, Global Supply Chain
Ann  Tracy
VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition
Paul  Trueax
VP, Colgate-North America
Panagiotis  Tsourapas
President, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia Division
Patricia  Verduin*
Chief Technology Officer
Lucie Claire  Vincent
VP & GM, Colgate-Philippines
Lefteris  Vitalis
VP & GM, Colgate-China
Anthony R. Volpe
VP, Global Oral Care
Noel R. Wallace*
President, Colgate-North America and Global Sustainability
LaVada D. Watson
VP, Global R&D
Jerome  Webb
VP, Division General Counsel, Colgate-Greater Asia
David K. Wilcox
VP, Global R&D
Cliff  Wilkins
VP, Division General Counsel, Colgate-North America
Francis M. Williamson*
VP, Colgate-Latin America
Greg  Woodson*
VP, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
Ruben  Young
VP & GM, Colgate-Venezuela
Juan Pablo  Zamorano
VP, Colgate-U.S.
Alberico  Zenzola
VP, Colgate-Latin American
Julie A. Zerbe
VP, Global Human Resources
*Corporate Officer
Last Updated: February 2012

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